Your Other Brothers

YC076: Coming Out to Your Brother w/ Andy Zuniga

March 26, 2021

We follow up on one of our most downloaded episodes of all-time with a sequel of sorts! After learning Jacob's coming out story with his big brother Nate, we invite Tom's younger brother Andy onto the show to learn Tom's coming out story.

Did Andy ever suspect anything about Tom's sexuality? How can straight brothers best support their gay brothers? And what does Andy think about his big brother doing this whole YOB thing?

Join Tom and Jacob, along with their brothers Andy and Nate, for a brotherly deep-dive like no other. We also have some football talk, because straight guys. We hope you enjoy the episode!


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Dive back into the archive and listen to our original coming out to your brother episode with Jacob and Nate.

Check out Andy's first appearance on the ConvoCast!


Have you come out to a brother or other siblings? How did those conversations go, and how have they impacted your relationships in the present day? Do you wish to come out to your brother or other siblings some day?

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